Zappai 瞬俳人殺 (Yokai)

Che due maroni! È ricolma d'orgolio mamma tanuki. --- Such balls coming here*! She's trembling by joy and pride, sweet tanuki mom. *Not translatable italian word game: it should sound like "This sucks!" 瞬俳人殺

Zappai 瞬俳人殺 (A ovest – To the west)

Ombre al tramonto - luce del sole dietro ai monti a ovest. --- Shadows at sunset - the light is sitting behind the western mountains. 瞬俳人殺

Zappai 瞬俳人殺 (Allenamento – Training)

Schiocchi continui - un esercizio a ciclo pulisce i colpi. Esercizi brevi, da fare a lungo, per installare le basi marziali. - Continuous bashings - just looping excercises  to clean the moving. Short excercises, to practice for long time, to install martial basics. 瞬俳人殺

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